Porsche Club of America
Sun, June 10

Ault Park
3600 Observatory Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45208

John Meyer
513 325 8071

2018 is the 70th anniversary of Porsche and the Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance will be featuring the Marque with a special presentation titled “Seven Decades Of Porsche”. The presentation will include 6 street classes from across the decades, a racing class and an outlaw class.

The Cincinnati Concours is one of the premier events in the Midwest and is held on the grounds of beautiful Ault Park on the city’s east side.

Once again the Cincinnati Concours at Ault Park has extended to us the courtesy of a designated parking corral at the Concours for Porsches (emphasis on Porsches; no Vista Cruisers, Dodge Caravans, Tatras, Renault Dauphines, etc.). To get to the Porsche corral, enter the park on Observatory and proceed into the park to a right hand turn on Heekin Avenue. Heekin Avenue is the right hand turn just before the POV tent. Tell anybody who might want to direct you otherwise that you are heading to the Porsche Corral.

Proceed on Heekin past the playground equipment on your right. Just past the playground equipment is the Porsche designated parking area. The following items apply: Be mindful of the curb. We will try to put a 2x6 section of lumber down against the curbing; but if you have low clearance, enter at your own risk. Please leave adequate entry/exit room for others.

As they used to say at the Carnival: “Come early, stay late. Avoid the rush. All your friends will be there”. And if you have any questions, contact John Meyer.

For more information, visit http://ohioconcours.com/.

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