Porsche Club of America
Sat, November 18

The Embassy Suites Hotel
4554 Lake Forest Dr.
Blue Ash, OH 45242

John Meyer

Once again, it is Annual Meeting and Holliday fracas time. But this time the venue changes to The Embassy Suites Hotel in Blue Ash. Don’t miss the opportunity to grip and grin with all of your old and new Porsche friends, fall face first into the Salmon, Chicken Pesto or meatless Lasagna Buffet, and grip your favorite wine, beer or soft drink. Plus you will be smugly self satisfied knowing that you are doing your part to help the club meet its obligation for an annual meeting. There will be no elections this year but we will be recognizing our Howard Rapp Award winner and Enthusiast of the Year.

All of this plus the chance to look at an in person line up of all the OVR Past Presidents we can find. The Board decided that it was time for a gratuitous lagniappe to our Past Presidents for all of their good efforts over the years. And all of this for the decidedly minimal fee of $15.00 per person. But you need to sign up now at Club Registration so we know how many chickens, salmons and lasagnas to drag into the facility (not to mention salads, rolls, desserts, wine and beer).

Now a quick comment on things that have changes since last year: First the location. This event grows every year in popularity so we decided to try the Embassy where we will have room to grow and a dedicated parking area. Obviously this year’s event will be a couple weeks earlier than last year which means that we might still have some good Fall weather; so if you want to bring your favorite P car a little early and be part of the Revue in the Parking lot, come before 7. Also, if you are one of our ‘not from Cincinnati’ members and have previously passed on participating because you are reluctant to drive home afterwards, or you just want to stay out for the night, do we have an offer for you. Embassy Suites is extending a special rate for the price of $119 plus tax for King and $129.00 plus tax for double. Breakfast next morning is included.

So hurry, sign up, we look forward to seeing everyone. We tasted the food and it was fantastic!!!! Open bar from 7:00 to 9:00pm.

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