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June 9, 2020
Thank you for joining us at Mid-Ohio this past weekend.

Our DE committee wholeheartedly agreed that this was one of the best groups we’ve ever had. We want to thank you for being a part of that group and for taking the extra steps that we required. I know that the paperwork was cumbersome, but I hope that once you made it past registration the weekend got a bit easier.

The owners of Mid-Ohio were at the track Saturday and Sunday, and the track management wanted to pass along their gratitude for the steps you took to be masked and exercise social distancing. At the end of the day on Sunday we were glad that over half of you were still enjoying the track and we hope that each of you had a safe trip home as that tends to be the most dangerous part of the weekend.

A couple of reminders. First, we do have registration open for our event in October and have already have had 55 drivers register. We are planning on running all of our instructed groups, and as these are filling fast I’d suggest registering now before you get shut out. If you registered as an instructor this past weekend we look forward to you registering very soon to work with our new drivers in October.

The second reminder is about the track photographs that John McKean took this weekend. If you remember, we mentioned during the drivers meeting that the proceeds from all photos purchased are donated to OVR charities. In this case the proceeds will go to the Children’s Tumor Foundation. You will see photos from all run groups, and the copyright watermark will not show on the prints. Thank you John for doing this, and here is the link:

Special thanks to the instructors who filled in as roving tech inspectors, running black flag, and working the Pit Boss station. In particular, I’d like to thank Lori and Bob Bryant who were working every moment they weren’t on track.

Thank you to Debi, Anli, Rose, and Becky who ran registration seamlessly. Thank you to the Okin’s who worked behind the scene to get all that paperwork ready. Finally, to every driver we thank you for sharing the love of the driving on track and for choosing to spend the weekend with our group. I hope we get to see every one of you again in the fall!

Jeff Woodard
DE Chair

August 13, 2018
OVR Northern Kentucky Tour
OVR-PCA – Tour of Northern Kentucky – August 5, 2018

This OVR Rookie crisscrossed the backroads along the northern tier of the Bluegrass State today with another 30 P-cars in close pursuit of our fearless tour leader. For this drive, I made sure to bring a trusted wingman so I could keep pace with the quick black Carrera in front of me without any worries about possible course corrections.

The sunny morning began with coffee, water, donuts and an engaging tour inside the historic headquarters of Rolf Monuments, one of Newport’s oldest businesses. It was ironic to be standing in the shadows of dozens of beautifully sculpted burial markers while listening closely to the safety portion of the pre-tour instructions. Judging by the number of kids who tumbled from their surrounding homes to gawk at all the cars, the neighborhood enjoyed hosting our rolling rainbow of Porsches.

After a forming a long loud line, the cars followed in close formation bobbing over the Licking River and twisting across Northern Kentucky to the outskirts of Rabbit Hash, where we stopped to see new Gunpowder Creek Winery. Owner Jeff Ogden, third generation owner of the property, greeted the cars that parked in perfect symmetry with his orderly rows of grapevines patiently awaiting their first harvest. He proudly showed his new production and storage building and shared plans for a new onsite tasting room that will open next fall.

We pushed off and headed a mile or two down the hill to Rabbit Hash for lunch at the Scalded Hog riverside barbeque; where between bites, we watched a float plane gently land near the casino across the river in Rising Sun, Indiana. Later, we made the requisite visit to the famous Rabbit Hash General Store, newly rebuilt after its devastating fire in 2016, then left well fed and ready to follow the river home.

Thanks to Dan Jacobs for planning the 65 mile tour – from start to finish, the route made for a delightful day of driving.

Can’t wait for the famous Bellefontaine Hillclimb Revival tour at the end of August.

John Bloomstrom

July 14, 2018
Tour of Switzerland County, IN
This OVR Rookie had an adrenaline-fueled adventure on my first road rally today. It was fun to be part of 27 Porsches of all hues, models and years following in an accordion-like conga line that covered a series of narrow backroads stretching across Switzerland County. Lots of twisties interspersed with an occasional quick peek at an Amish farmer or the Ohio River made this tour between Vevay and Aurora an exhilarating exercise for my car and me. Thanks to Team McCarty for leading us along a great course.

While elevating my heartbeat, the tour also heightened my appreciation for wide tires, huge disc brakes and the need to register for Drivers Ed... I’m hooked. See y’all at the NKY tour next month!

John Bloomstrom

February 11, 2017
Naples Car Show Never Disappoints
110 Ferraris anchor this multi-club car show that encompasses more than 500 cars and raises more than $100,000 for charity. It is the perfect destination in mid-February to escape the winter doldrums. The streets are lined with spectators as the Ferraris fire up their engines and exit the show in unison on 5th Avenue.

-Grant Karnes

October 23, 2016
ClubRegistration Instructions

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Ohio Valley Region uses this website to register all people for all types of events, so you will definitely want to have an account on this site. Once you create an account, you will use this account to register for autocross, driver education, rallies, tours and social events. For social events, you can register yourself as well as additional guests. For all other events, additional registrants will need to have their own account. It should not take more than 5 minutes to set up an account.
At the top of the screen click on Resources.
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On clubregistration.net, click on Create Account.

Create Account: Complete the information and click Create.

Profile: This is where you enter personal information. If you do not plan on registering for any driver education or autocross events you do not need to complete the information under Experience. Required fields are indicated with the red asterisk after the field. When you have completed this section, click Update.

Vehicles: Enter the year, make, model and color of your car as shown by the required indicators. Click Save. The system will take you to a page to enter another car. If you do not want to enter another car you are finished.

Find an Event

Congratulations you now have an account and want to register for an event. On the main Club Registration page, enter your username and password and click Login.

Dashboard: The top of the page has an option Search for Events. There are three different ways to find an event:

General Search: You type in a “keyword or words”. Not the most accurate way to search.

Category: If you search by category you can filter to a specific type of event or select all and all OVR upcoming events will be displayed.

Date: If you know the date, this is the easiest search method.

After you have found your event select register on the right side and follow the registration steps for the event. I know this seems like a lot of work, but it truly should only take you a few minutes to first create an account and then you will be all set to register for any OVR event. If you have any difficulty with this procedure please feel free to contact me at Dennis Okin or 513-300-5076.

May 8, 2016
OVR hosted Street Survival yesterday for the first time ever. Thank you to everyone involved including coaches, volunteers, parents and especially the teens who participated and made the event so successful.

Photo Album


March 27, 2016
If you're never heard of Matt Farah, check out the two videos below that he made about the road-going Cayman GT4 and its more sinister sibling the GT4 Clubsport. While you're there, check out his other videos. He posts pretty regular reviews of enthusiast-owned Porsches of all types with a down-to-earth perspective. These two just happened to be owned by Los Angeles Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson.

February 28, 2016
Vic Elford through the windshield of a 908 at Rennsport Reunion IV.


February 21, 2016
Last February I met Bill Kief and Patrick McCue for a photoshoot of Bill's Peridot Metallic Cayman R for the March issue of the Bent Pylon. I used several of the photos for the newsletter last year, but Bill submitted this photo that I didn't use. It was fascinating watching Patrick work as he "painted" the car with light for this side shot at the western side of the 8th St. viaduct.


February 14, 2016
944 S2
In the January issue of the Bent Pylon, I asked for submissions for a photo contest to post on the blog. At the board meeting this past week, board members voted on three winners. This is the first of our three winners to be posted in the coming weeks. Enjoy!


1990 944 S2 shot with a Canon HF S100 f2.8 @ 1/40 digital with lens flare.

February 1, 2016
A little something to cure those winter blues. Don't worry it's galvanized!

Now that I think of it, I bet Mid-Ohio has great rates this time of year.


December 15, 2015
If you needed any proof that this man is more than just a great photographer...

Note: the title of this post is Jeff's Instagram account, but you're already following him, right?


December 10, 2015
Porsche announced today that it's resurrecting the 718 name for the mid-cycle refresh of the latest Boxster and Cayman.


December 3, 2015
I know it's not Porsche related, but this is too cool not to share. Plus, I have a feeling I'm not the only F1 fan in the club. If you think the image looks cool, read some of the details about the car.

McLaren MP4-X

For some Porsche related news...Porsche unveils the new Turbo and Turbo S (with a capital T.)


November 13, 2015
After a year of being a board member, it just now occurred to me that I have access to make blog entries. Expect more frequent content now! What better way to start off than with a video.

OVR President Grant Karnes and his 1979 930 were featured on Petrolicious earlier this week. Enjoy!


July 16, 2015
I just couldn't help myself...

July 12, 2015
I grabbed this capture out the side window of the Panamera Turbo pace car as we exited the track in front of a full field of Enduro racers at the 2015 OVR Club races at Putnam Park.

January 12, 2015
Another great capture from Patrick McCue brings this shot from behind-the scene (no pun intended!) as he positioned Dennis Okin's 993 Cabriolet track car for a Bent Pylon photo shoot in this clandestine location in downtown Cincinnati. 'Nuf said.

- Grant Karnes

July 9, 2014
Sometimes the image just appears in front of you ...and you're glad you have the camera!

-Grant Karnes

June 15, 2014
The sights and sounds of Le Mans excite the senses, slowly stirring a deep passion for full-on racing but when the machines are retired they just portray a casual and elegant sense of cool, calm and accomplishment. It is only when the shiver hits you that you realize your memories of having seen these cars race in the distant past is what adds excitement to the the experience of seeing them and standing next to them.

The contrast between these two historic 962s calmly displayed inside the Porsche "Spirit of Le Mans" exposition tent and the furious sounds of LMP and GT racing just a few meters away outside makes me want to fire up these two 962s and bring them back to life. Don't they deserve it?

-Grant Karnes

April 25, 2014
Last night, we spent a couple of hours bringing the weathered paint on Josh Snyder's Carrera back to life. If you ever wondered what an orbital polisher and some Machine Polish #3 from Griot's can do for a tired finish, now you know!

Its aggressive stance and empty torsion bar holes hint at some of the changes beneath the beautiful '86 guards red skin of this Carrera. A glimpse of some Tarett parts and the intentionally-omitted rocker panels suggest something purposeful in the making. Only Josh knows exactly what this car will become but we suspect we'll see a thoughtful transformation occur over the next few years.

As we completed our work, the golden hour was upon us and we set her up for a quick photo shoot. Naturally, we aligned the wheels so they would match. After all, it's only proper.

- Grant Karnes

February 20, 2014
OVR PCA was invited to participate in the Cincinnati Auto Expo this year and we gladly joined the event. Everyone seemed to enjoy Jerry Jackowski's matte green wrapped Cayman. This capture with the mural of the Roebling suspension bridge in the background revealed itself as I crouched on the ground helping position the cars for display.

- Grant Karnes

December 29, 2013
Andres Escobar, the owner of this GT3 and one of our newest OVR PCA members, is originally from Colombia. He has lived in some pretty amazing places for his job, including Egypt. When I told him we wanted to feature his car for the December blog post he was very excited. After talking with him and asking around for permission to shoot in a few locations, we finally decided that the P&G Headquarters in downtown Cincinnati would be perfectly fitting. When we arrived on location, P&G had a beautiful wreath hung above the entrance to the building.

I decided the best way to capture the wreath and the holiday spirit would be to wait until after dark and use a technique called painting with light. Here is the shot I was able to produce. Happy Holidays and all the best for the coming new year!

-Patrick McCue

November 10, 2013
Mother Nature and Rallye Porsche Mariemont (RPM) disagreed on what weather would be appropriate to accommodate the enthusiasts who showed up but eventually the dedicated PCAers from Ohio Valley Region and their cars won out. We're crediting, in part, Mike Valentine's Carrera GT which naturally attracts sunshine and elicits joy for the nice afternoon which provided some fantastic light. Patrick set up this shot in the middle of US Route 50. Mike's car looks a bit fed up with the rain and poses in an aggressive stance as if to say, "Race you to the end of the road!" Of course, that would be to West Sacramento 2,370 miles away! We are betting we'd lose.<

October 7, 2013
RPM started out wet this year but Dan Porter's '89 Turbo didn't seem to mind. Patrick McCue captured this as the first cars began to take their spots in what turned out to be a remarkably enjoyable day.

October 2, 2013
We had originally thought we'd like to shoot Tom Cole's pristine tangerine 1968 912 against a somewhat neutral, industrial warehouse wall since the orange would easily complicate a more complex color composition. With little time to scout in the days leading up to the shoot we made a last minute decision to head to the outskirts of Indian Hill near Camp Denison and try to take advantage of a rustic setting. We were losing light quickly as it disappeared behind the hill earlier than anticipated but this picture came together beautifully in the capable hands of Patrick McCue. We stumbled on a narrow road that was mercifully unburdened by ugly yellow dividing lines and this very rural European image emerged in front of us as soon as we had repositioned the car. The 912 is in perfect harmony with its surroundings as the fall colors begin to appear - a perfect image for October and a beautiful overture to Rallye Porsche Mariemont (RPM)!

For more dynamic footage check out the video below shot by Jeremy Heslup at Valkyr Productions. Wow! Thanks, Jeremy!

- Grant Karnes

August 28, 2013
Recently, Dick Weiss and Jerry Wolf, the two remaining active founding members of the Ohio Valley Region PCA, shared their Porsches and their time with Patrick McCue at Ault Park on a warm summer evening. Jerry credits Dick for sparking his interest in Porsches and encouraging him to buy his first 356, a 1960 Super Coupe which was soon replaced by a '61 Super 90. In 1961, Dick was already a member of PCA's Kentucky region and had the idea that if they could track down enough 356 owners they could start a new region of PCA in Ohio. Dick owned a 1958 Speedster and in 1962 bought this beautiful 1958 Carrera Speedster. The lives and Porsches of these two gentlemen are intertwined in many ways. In fact, the Super 90 engine from Jerry's '61 was installed in Dick's '58 Carrera in their pursuit of better autocross results together! Later, Jerry traded his 356 for a 911, shifting his course toward the then-emerging and now–revered sports car platform that would propel him onto road courses like mid–Ohio and into the High Performance Driving Chief Instructor role he held for many years. Dick raced the Carrera into the 80's, is the historian for OVR and remains active in the Drei Staaten Gruppe. This photo illustrates so well where their divergent paths have them. It is the history of Dick and Jerry's friendship, their Porsche pursuits, their early PCA days and their continued involvement with our region's activities that ties these Porsches together.

In my call to Jerry and Dick to thank them for their time and contributions to the photo shoot but also for the last few decades of making OVR what it is today, it was easy to hear the same excitement in their voices about Porsches that I'm sure they expressed back in 1961. Both of them agreed…it was hard to imagine back then what the new PCA region they were forming would become. On behalf of all PCAers, especially those of us in the Ohio Valley Region, I would like to thank Dick and Jerry for their enthusiasm, passion, and leadership. This post is dedicated to you.

-Grant Karnes

August 27, 2013
The future was bright for the Ohio Valley Region PCA when Dick Weiss and Jerry Wolf helped found it in 1961.

August 26, 2013
This shoot was very laid back and lighthearted. Dick and Jerry were just chatting with each other the whole time about their cars. They also told me about how Dick used to track the 356 and how they had known each other even before their Porsche days. I love the black and white photograph of them talking in the foreground. I think this image definitely captures their friendship as well as their love for their Porsche cars. This shot alone tells an amazing story.

- Patrick McCue

August 18, 2013
I'm always amazed when I am at Pebble Beach. As easy as it is to complain about the cool, misty weather - especially in the morning hours of August on the Monterey Peninsula - the light on the Pacific coast is simply the best.

I've always favored close-cropped shots of the judges doing their work at Pebble Beach. Looking through my images from Sunday, this one kept catching my eye because it captures so much of the early morning feeling of the 18th hole along the water where the special classes are traditionally displayed.

This year's P-2 class, Porsche 911 Competition, brought out RSRs, 935s, and a couple of phenomenal 1967 911R coupes, one of which was this car from the Collier Collection in Naples Florida.

- Grant Karnes

July 4, 2013
As the bombs, or fireworks rather, begin bursting in the air, we gather with our family and friends and remind ourselves how lucky we really are to live in such a great nation. Yesterday a few of us, including OVR's Vice President, Grant Karnes, and his wife, Laura, along with our friend Mac Matsuzaka gathered to try and capture something patriotic and worthy enough for Porsche enthusiasts to enjoy on this great day. We had a little think-tank/brainstorm session at Grant's house to cook up a plan and decided to rally down Columbia Parkway! I don't think the capture could have been anymore perfect. A beautiful touch of new school and old school German engineering charging down the expressway like the Patriots did toward the British lines with nothing but freedom in mind.

After flipping through my exposures, I selected this image. The evening light in this photograph couldn't have been better. The overcast light diffused perfectly across the red paint of Grant's Cayman S and Mac's 930 Turbo and produced the perfect situation for a slow shutter drag, giving a strong sense of motion across the entire frame. At a "conservative" speed, we also were able to capture some beautiful movement with the American flag.

My inspiration for this image goes back a few years to a 60-second spot that Fox Soccer put on titled the "Fox Soccer Anthem" and fans of the English Premier League from all over the world were captured holding the flags of their favorite premier team. A few clips from the Anthem feature a couple in a Lamborghini and on a moped driving with the flags waving alongside them. And for the past two years I've been itching to make the exact image we captured last night happen!

- Patrick McCue

June 9, 2013
Today, quite a few OVR members were up at the Ault park Concours where Porsche was the featured marque. The morning light softened up the reflections on my 930 so I snapped a few pictures to memorialize the new Martini livery I recently installed. Dan Porter, the artist for the Rallye Porsche Mariemont (RPM) poster and a good friend, designed the livery. Looking through my photos from the day, I realized the "rebranding" of my 930 would make an appropriate first blog entry on our rebranded OVR web site.

I love the layers of contrasts in this image with Bill Kief's (OVR's previous president) Cayman R, a highly-refined, track-inspired performer, blending into the landscape yet lurking in the background. It contrasts so beautifully with the raw and exciting 930 with its dramatically-purposeful fender flares and rear wing.

Keep an eye on our new site for a monthly blog update. I've invited Patrick McCue, a bright and talented young photographer in the Cincinnati community, to post an entry each month. Patrick has an excellent automotive eye and uses light exceptionally well to create texture and reveal the depth of design. As Kurt Neimeyer said today while talking about the Gmund Porsche on the lawn at Ault Park, "it makes you just want to lick it!" I expect Patrick will have you wanting to lick your computer screens as he features some member cars in his first posts.

- Grant Karnes