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I have been asked a number of times to provide my perspective on our concours events which differ in style but for sure all have a common approach which is to:
  • Provide an opportunity to show off the wide range vehicles that members have acquired

  • Provide a medium for members to socialize with each other and building friendships whilst enjoying “liquid refreshments” together

  • Have a good excuse for members to spend time making their vehicle “Sparkle” inside and out

  • Occasionally have the opportunity to compete for awards

For the Summer and Autumn Concours our intention is to hit all four elements of our Concours approach, but, at the same time, try not to make it too formal by making them “show and shine” closed compartment events.

The intention of these concours is to mimic a similar style of concours and judging that is used at the PCA Parade. Thus, we use the PCA Parade Rules as a guide and have our own hybrid version where emphasis is on preparation and cleanliness. The judging process for this concours is as follows:
  1. Cars will be judged in one of 5 car classes selected by the entrant at registration

  2. A team of two judges will inspect the car – one for Exterior, one for Interior

  3. Each judge will spend 5 minutes inspecting either the Interior or the Exterior of the car and provide a score and based on a pre-determined multi-point scoring criterion (See below)

  4. All convertibles, Targa’s, and Sunroofs will remain in up or closed position prior to inspection

  5. When possible, the judges will discuss with the vehicle entrant any particular points of interest about the car and let the entrant know what they are planning to do and how much time they will spend inspecting the car. A short de-brief after judging the vehicle is preferred.

  6. Judging sheets will be available post the award ceremony

Multipoint Scoring Criteria
  • Coachwork – Body Panels shape and fit

  • Exterior Surfaces – Paint & ConvertibleTop

  • Exterior Surfaces – Headlights tail-light lenses, side markers

  • Metal/Chrome trim or Rubber trim & bumper quality

  • Wheels/Rims and Tires

  • Seats, Mechanism of Seats, and Belts

  • Carpeting and Floor covering including mats and pedal clusters

  • Headliner or underside of convertible top

  • Dashboard area, steering wheel, instrument cluster, console

  • Door panels rear side panels – upholstery & trim detail

  • Doors – trim and seals

  • Inner surfaces of all glass – windows, vanity mirror, r/v mirror

Hopefully from the description above you will see that for the Summer and Autumn Concours we are striking a nice balance between Structure and Social for these events that you will sign up on ClubRegistration.net when we open registration.

Finally there is a whole 2020 season of events, so please take a look at the Bent Pylon Concours section, and start planning which events you should attend.

Have Fun!!!

Trevor Barber for the Concours design team of John Meyer, Kurt Niemeyer, Mark Wilson, Jeff Ross, Grant Karnes, Bill Kief, John Bruggeman, Jeff Ferguson

2021 CONCOURS PROGRAM - March Edition


2021 is going to have a great start to the year with the Spring Concours being combined with the Spring Driving Tour and will take place at the Sozu Church car park on Saturday May 8th, which is on Fields Ertel Road. Both events will have a Derby Day theme and will have awards for the best Derby Day outfits at each event. There will be a separate registration for each event on clubregistration.net so that members can participate in one or both events.

The Concours will be a themed event in collaboration with the Cars and Coffee group and is titled “The Cars & Coffee Derby Day Parade of Excellence.”

Based on the current outlook, our Spring Concours will take the same approach used for the Autumn event where we followed clear Covid guidelines to protect our members and will be:

  • Street Preparation event (Show & Shine)

  • Closed Engine Compartment

  • Five Show classes

  • Trophies: Each Class 1st place + Outstanding Concours awards + Best in Show

  • Awards for the best Lady and Gentleman Derby Day outfit

  • Registration will start at 8 am with coffee and donuts included in the $20 event fee

  • Award presentation at midday

We plan to open registration in May on ClubRegistration.net so please look out for it.

  • Cars & Coffee at Aberlin Springs, March ~ October (1st & 3rd Sunday)

  • The Cars & Coffee Derby Day parade of excellence ~ May 8th

  • Summer 60th Anniversary Concours ~ August

  • Rally Porsche Milford ~ September

  • New Richmond Tour ~ April 17th

  • Cincinnati Concours De Elegance ~ June 11th-13th

  • Porsche National Parade at French Lick Indiana ~ July 10th-17th

  • Mid-Ohio Concours ~ July

  • Red Brick Reunion ~ August 7th

  • South East Michigan Concours and Picnic ~ August

  • Bellefontaine Hill Climb, Tour, and Porsche Coral ~ August 28th

  • Dayton Concours ~ September 19th

  • VW/Porsche Reunion ~ September 26th

  • Dayton Cars & Coffee ~ Bi-weekly (Saturday starting April)

  • West Chester Cars & Coffee ~ Monthly (4th Saturday April) ~ September)

  • Urban Cars & Coffee in Main Street in Newtown (Saturday) TBD

John Meyer, Kurt Niemeyer, Mark Wilson, Jeff Ross, Bill Kief, Trevor Barber, John Bruggeman, Bill Altvater